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What Makes SFC Special?

Better Coaching

  • Kareem Guilbeaux, the Director of the Champions, has been coaching HS basketball in the toughest league in Northern California ( the WCAL) since 2006

    • Kareem is one of the top 3 longest tenured coaches in the WCAL

  • Many of our coaches at SFC are HS coaches and former college basketball players

  • We focus on developing players for the HS level, regardless of age and skill level

  • We teach a read/react offense that focuses on player versatility, greater ball and player movement, and shooting on balance and with confidence

  • WE TEACH DEFENSE!!!  Our focus is on man to man defense, which is what most teams play in HS

  • These principles include on-ball principles, one / two / three passes away principles, how and when to help, and rotating based on our help defense

Better Skills Development

  • We have the best skills development coaches of any AAU program in the area

  • Led by Player Development Director, Fale Malepeai

  • We offer built-in skills development sessions at no additional cost

  • Players can attend any of the available skills sessions in addition to their team practices

  • We focus on game development - the skills that players need in order to perform in games, not just look good in workouts

Prioritizing Long Term Development

  • We teach players the concepts needed to produce at the high school level

    • The typical AAU System of pressing, over-dribbling, and transition layups doesn’t translate well to the high school game

    • We will press, we will score in transition, but we will focus more attention on basketball IQ, half-court offense, and half-court defense

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