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Spring/Summer 2023 Season
Tryout Registration and Schedule

SFC Tryouts

SFC Spring/Summer 2023 Update

Our Spring/Summer Season Tryouts are over.  Thank you all for making this season's tryouts very successful. 

Team Invites will be emailed to those players who made it onto any one of our teams very soon.  Once you get the Team Invite, please follow the player registration link provided as soon as possible to let us know you want to play with SFC and register to join the team. 


More detailed information about our season will be provided in the Team Invite sent (including practices, tournaments, and pricing).  Based on the turnout we had for the tryouts, we are very excited and looking forward to a great 2023 season ahead. 

If you missed our scheduled tryouts and would like to try out with SFC now, you need to register wiith us so we know who you are.  Click the Tryout Registration button right away because our season starts March 6th.  

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About The Spring/Summer 2023 Season (subject to changes)

  • The Spring/Summer 2023 Season will start with our first
    practice on March 6th and will end July 23rd  (20 weeks).

  • Practice Locations may include (subject to changes):

    • Elite Sports Centers (So. SF)

    • Riordan (HS)

    • MLK Academy (SF)

    • San Francisco State

  • Tentative Coaching Assignments (subject to changes)

    • 3rd/4th Grade Boys - Keith Jackson

    • 5th Grade Boys - Keith Jackson, Je’Lani Clark. Uziah Metcalfe

    • 6th Grade Boys - Kareem Guilbeaux, Victor Reynolds

    • 7th Grade Boys - Kareem Guilbeaux, JC Reyes

    • 8th Grade Boys - Kareem Guilbeaux, Antwan Capla

    • 15u Boys - JC Reyes

    • 16u Girls - Howard Hines

  • Tentative Practice Schedules (subject to change)

More information about the 2023 Season coming soon!

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