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SF Champions Basketball

SF Champions Basketball is a non-profit, AAU organization for boys
and girls located in San Francisco, CA.  We focus on player skills
development, physical training, strength and conditioning, and
developing the basketball intelligence to help us achieve
the best results on the court come game time.

SFC Philosophy
SFC believes in:

Challenging Potential...Setting Goals...Focus on Fundamentals... Understanding the Game of Basketball...Outwork our Competitors...Out Performing our Competitors...Pressure Man-to-Man Defense...Communication

Quick Transitions...Superior Ball Movement...Achievement is the Result Effort...

Positive Body Language.

SFC Coaching

SF Champions believe in developing the entire ball player – 
fundamentally, physically, and most important, mentally. 
A basketball player is only as good as his/her on-court I.Q.  We believe
that developing that understanding is the most demanding and time consuming skill to develop.  Through positive reinforcement, our coaching staff believes in building a player up, rather than tearing him down.  Kareem Guilbeaux is the Founder and Director of the SF Champions Program and has been coaching basketball at St. Ignatius College Prep and has run his Be a Champion Basketball Camps for the last 15 years.  Antwan Capla, is the Assistant Director of SF Champions and has been a coach with the Champions since its inception, and is a mainstay of CYO Basketball and as a personal training guru.

Select and Developmental Teams

Based on the demand at tryouts, most grade levels will field a Select and Developmental level team.  Select teams will play in more competitive tournaments throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento, and possibly the Memorial Day Weekend Tournament in Reno.  Select teams will focus on advanced player development with the goal of preparing these players to play in high school and beyond!  Development level teams,
which are not as advanced but every bit as competitive, will play in
local leagues throughout the Bay Area with the goal to develop
that player into a “complete player”.

Speed and Explosiveness Training

In the fall of 2012, the SF Champions partnered with the Saint Ignatius Strength and Conditioning Staff to form the first ever Junior Wildcats Readiness program.   Monitored by certified strength and conditioning coaches with a 4:1 player to coach ratio, this program focuses on the importance of balance, core strength, and the proper technique for introductory-level Olympic-based weight lifting that is the training standard around the country.  SF Champions now provides an intensive Speed and Explosiveness Training (S.E.T.) Program.  This program will include twice-a-week training options with certified trainers that will teach plyometric-based exercises that emphasize the fast twitch muscles 
needed to become an elite-level basketball player!

Red-shirt Players

A Red-shirt Player is one who can attend and participate in practice,
but is not an official "playing" member of the team.  However, a player 
may be allowed to play in a given tournament if the team is low on players that weekend or if the coach feels that the improvement of the
player is enough to warrant that player being "moved-up".

SFC Tryouts
Tryouts for SF Champions will be held at prior to each season.  Tryout schedules will be posted in advance on our Tryouts Page.  To be considered for SF Champions, please complete the SF Champions Application Form now!

Contacting SF Champions
For more information about SF Champions or if you have any questions/concerns, please feel go to our Contact page or email:

SF Champions at: administration@SF

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