SF Champions
Winter 2021

Game Development Programs

For now, registration for SFC's Game Development Programs is by invitation only. Please contact Kareem if you are interested at:

Game Development Breakdown
Winter 2021


  • Four Specialty Camps - 6 weeks each (listed below)

  • Two in-person sessions per week (90 and 120 min)

  • One Virtual Film Session and High Performance

  • Mindset Training Session (60 min)

  • Workouts Recorded and Uploaded to Hudl Video Sharing Service 

  • Each player given access to our Champions Hudl account to review workouts and breakdowns

  • 4.5 hr pr week = 27 hrs total

  • $675 full price or $400 (Jan) and $275 (Feb) payment plan

SFC Point Guard U
Jan 18th - Feb 28th

  • How to become a dominant ball-handler

  • Become a "high-level" play-maker for yourself and your teammates

  • Learn the secret to basketball instinct

  • Shooting off the dribble

  • Dominate pick and roll situations

  • Players Modeled:  Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, Luka Doncic, Chris Paul, etc.

Point Guard U Logo.JPG

SFC Elite Wing Camp
Mar 1st - Apr 11th

  • Learn how to create your offense with three dribbles or less

  • Become a better shooter from the perimeter

  • Shooting off the catch

  • Adept pick and roll play

  • How to become a dominant cutter and mover off the ball

  • Players Modeled: CJ McCollum, Devin Booker, Jayson Tatum, Kelly Oubre, Tyler Herro

Stretch BIG Logo.JPG

SFC Stretch Big Camp
Jan 18th - Feb 27th

  • Become effective in the Pick and Roll 

    • Learn how to get buckets effectively

    • Become a great passer and understand your reads based on floor spacing

    • Gain an ability to stretch the floor

  • Become a great passer from the high post and top of the key

  • Gain dominating footwork in both the low and mid-post

  • Develop a back to the basket and face-up game from the high to low post

  • Learn effective dribble moves needed for the modern big man

  • Players Modeled:  Anthony Davis, Nikola Jokic, Draymond Green, Kristaps Porzingas


SFC Deadeye Academy
Mar 1st - Apr 11th

  • Learn how to dominate with your shooting

  • Emphasis on shooting off the catch

  • Shooting off drive and kicks

  • Shooting and Footwork coming off of screens

  • Learn the dynamics of “feet first” placement

  • Evolve your shot form for more consistent results and range

  • Create effective shots off one or two dribbles

  • Players Modeled:  Klay Thompson, Bradley Beal, Duncan Robinson, JJ Redick