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Winter 2022 Training Programs

Ballhandling Wizardry


In today’s game where players are asked to be multi-positional and playmaking with the ball in one’s hands has become essential to creating offense, this is the program to build those skills!  


This program focuses not only on improving the “flashy” ball-handling ability that you may see in the NBA, but also the strength of one’s ball-handling skills - the ability to maintain ball control against the very best / most physical defenses.  


Learn the tools to building ball-handling confidence and the ability to manipulate the defense around you. 

Things we teach include:

  • Morphing one’s weakhand into their off-hand

  • Open-court dribbling aka bringing the ball up against pressure

  • How to use your body to protect your dribble and create space

  • How to identify a go-to move

  • Building creativity as a ball-handler

  • Bagwork vs. improvisational dribbling 

  • Maintaining a wide base

  • Understanding when to use a high dribble vs. low dribble

  • Dribbling with scoring and passing vision


This program is essential for today’s game where most offenses play a 4-out or 5-out system!



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