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Winter 2022 Training Programs

Deadeye Shooting Academy


In today’s game, offense is spacing and spacing is offense.  The best way to keep defenses honest as an offensive players is by having the ability to be a knockdown shooter.  Shooting has become an essential skill that is required in the modern game of basketball.  


This program focuses on building shots from the ground up / inside-out, teaching players that having a balanced and consistent form is going to lead to the most consistent shooting results.  


Things we teach include:

  • Understanding your shooting base

  • Squaring your lead hip to the rim

  • How to reduce your guide hand from impacting your shot negatively

  • Getting your feet set early

  • Learning how to shoot quicker without rushing your shot 

  • Identifying your consistent visual target while shooting / narrowing
    your vision on your shot

  • Building shot confidence

  • Catching the ball looking to shoot

  • Shooting off the stride (1-2 step)

  • Shooting off the quick hop

  • Shooting from off-ball movement aka sinking and filling

  • Using a shot fake to create additional space

  • How to use your shooting ability to increase your overall versatility as a shooter


This program is a MUST for all players!


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