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  Ball Handling &
Defensive Mastery

Every Friday from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
June 11th - July 30th


CYO Serramonte

$40 / Player / Session


Ball Handling Skills
Led by Fale Malepeai

- How to handle full-court pressure

- Understanding the use of pace to control the ball and your defender

- Developing a strong handle

- Learning how to use your off-hand to protect the ball and shield the defender

- Becoming better at utilizing your weak-hand

- Developing the go-to dribble move that’s right for you

- Understanding when and why a secondary move is necessary to beat the defense

- How to utilize your dribble in the halfcourt the right way

- Learning to get to the rim in 3 dribbles or less

- Developing your handle to become great a driving + kicking

- Utilizing the dribble to create an advantage


Defensive Aspects

Led by Coach Jene Morris

- How to pick up on full-court defense

- man to man defense from the wing (no middle principles)

- How to closeout

- How to defend a guard on the screen and roll

- The different ways to defend the screen and roll as a team

- Understanding playing the angles

- Helpside defense

- One-pass away defense

- Low Post vs High Post defense

- How to defend against active cutters

- Transition Defense

- Boxing out and Rebounding

- 2nd Helper Principles aka help the help

- How to defend off-ball screens

- How to defend against modern moves off the dribble


A quick bio on
Coach Jene Morris


- All league and section player at Urban HS

- 4 yr Division 1 college basketball at San Diego State University

- Drafted in the first round of the WNBA

- Played 2 yrs in the WNBA

- Former Asst Director of Pro Skills Basketball, a national basketball organization

- Current Boys and Girls Basketball Coach at Archbishop Riordan HS

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