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Michael G. Frierson Obit Pic.png

Who was Michael Frierson?

Michael Frierson lived a life as a loving husband, a caring son, and the most generous friend that anyone
could ask for.  He was my roommate at San Jose State and quickly became one of my best friends.

He loved all sports, and was a unifier of the people he knew and worked with through his infectious smile,
his easy-going personality and his indomitably positive attitude and spirit.  These were his most defining traits!

For most of his life, Mike lived in Los Angeles while working at the NFL network, but nothing could
surpass his love of Kobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers, even while being heckled by his SJSU friends

from the Bay Area. (Nobody’s perfect, right Mike?)

Mike passed away in November of 2021 at the age of 38 after a five-year bout with colorectal cancer.
That is the same cancer that befell Chadwick Boseman (a.k.a. Black Panther) and is more common
amongst people of color.  Superheroes may not exist in "Real" life like they do in the movies,
but to us, Mike was our Superhero.

We honor his spirit with the first of what will be our annual Michael Frierson Classic basketball tournament with
the hope of bringing people together through our shared love of the game of basketball.


Kareem Guilbeaux
Director - SF Champions

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